If you did not receive an invoice through Paypal, but would like to pay your invoice using it, simply type your invoice number in the box below and follow the steps. This is for a one-time payment. If you are setting up a payment plan with Paypal, please scroll to "Payment Plans and Contracts"



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To make a payment using Quickbooks a Quickbooks invoice, please follow the link located at in the e-mail you received, or at the bottom of your printed copy. If you are having difficulty, or the link does not work, please contact us

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We accept personal and business checks by mail or in person. As a courtesy, we may hold your check (at our discretion) until a certain date if requested. For ease and accuracy, please include your invoice number in the memo section of your check. You may mail checks to:

Gina Byrd CPA, PA

c/o Accounts Receivable

7 N Vernon Ave

Kissimmee, FL 34741

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We accept credit card payments in person using the Square system. If you would like more information about Square, including how to use it for your business, check out the link below.

Making and Receving Payments with Square




You can make Dwolla payments using our Dwolla HUB at

These may be single or reoccuring payments. If you received an invoice with a Dwolla link, please use the URL you received so we can more easily match your payment.